Islamic influence on Martial Arts 🥋


One of them is the Muslim Grandmaster Ma Xianda. Ma Xianda was born in 1932 in Hebei province, China. He belongs to the sixth generation of a prominent Hui family of martial artists and to a handful masters that has reached the highest level in Chinese martial arts

, that is the 9th Duan. He was one of the first and youngest at the time to receive this rank. His father and uncle started to train him at the age of five. Grandmaster Ma learned many traditional Wu Shu styles and studied boxing, Mongolian wrestling (Shuaj Jian) and fencing.

It is estimated that he taught around 10,000 students during his career, including Zhao Chanjun and Jet Li. In 1980 he became the martial arts coach and the chief choreographer for the movie The Shaolin Temple” starring Jet Li. On top of that, more than twenty students of him earned the title of Wu Ying, ‘Martial Hero’. This is a title awarded to athletes who have placed more than once in the top three positions in China’s national championship. Both of his sons are national champions as well.

Here is an interview with the son of Ma Xianda the holder of the linage of Mashi Wushu

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