The Shaolin Sheikh 🇨🇳

Another Muslim Grandmaster that should be mentioned is Wang Zi-Ping. He was born in 1881 and lived until 1973. During his life he has revived the title “Lion of Chinese Kung Fu”. Even though both his father and grandfather were famous martial artists. They refused to teach Zi-Ping. They did not want him to experience the suffer they had to go through. Wang Zi-Ping on the other hand was passionate about it and started to train on his own when he was seven years old.

He made the decision to travel around the country. During his trip he was chosen to train under the Wu Shu master Yang Hong Xiu. Many dared to challenge him in a fight but he stayed undefeated. German workers, a group of Judo players and an American named Sullivan could not win over him. After the 1949 revolution he was respected as a hero and was appointed as Deputy to Shanghai’s Multicipal People’s Congress, Vice-President of National Wh Shu Association and as a member of the All-China Sports Federation.

Ma Xianda and Wang Zi-Ping are only two examples of a long list of Muslim Grandmasters and another example of how Muslims took part in way more aspects of life than you might think. Many martial artist around the world do not only admire them, they are an inspiration and motivation for them. These Grandmaster’s influences will be never forgotten.


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