Goalkeeper ‘Fakes Injury’ To Help Teammates Break Ramadan Fast

Millions of Muslims across the world are fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, abstaining from food and water from dawn to dusk. A goalkeeper for the Tunisian football team gave his tired teammates a helping hand when it was time for them to break their fast. The goalie appeared to have faked an injury, on two separate occasions, so that his team players could have snacks and drinks at sundown, also known as Iftar meal.

During a World Cup friendly football game with Portugal, 23-year-old Mouez Hassen collapsed at sundown, reported BBC. While he lay on the field to receive medical treatment, his teammates were seen eating dates and drinking water on the sidelines.

The re-energised team, that was down 2-1 before Iftar, managed to score an equaliser six minutes later, reported Al Jazeera.

Days later, similar scenes played out again – this time in a friendly against Turkey.

The goalie lay flat on his back complaining of an injury. His teammates, as expected, went to the sidelines and feasted on dates and sipped water.

The goalie’s ingenious ploy to help his fellow players was noticed by many 😅


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