Heal & Thrive: Secrets of Luck

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Put a Frog into a vessel fill with water and boil 🐸



Put a frog into a vessel fill with water and start heating the water.
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Praying in Combat| Malaysian Marines

The Malaysian Armed Forces, through the Armed Forces Religious Corps formed in 1985, has strived to enhance the internalisation of Islam among its personnel to strengthen them spiritually and mentally so that they can be a solid combat force to defend religion, race and nation.

How Sujud can improve your health

The most humblest act one can perform is to put the highest part of your body on the lowest part of the ground, this is how you truly know oneself and can teach you to be at peace by submitting and accepting to our reality. Practice/meditate 5 times a day and be in a state of Wudu throughout your present of being.

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