One reason why so many people get sick!

Health problems are increasing people are being diagnosed with different illnesses every year, interestingly people are getting more and more sick from eating. Allah created food so we can get nutrients so it can improve our health, and give us energy.

So how can it be that something Allah put on earth to improve our health is actually damaging our health?

In the Quran it says:

and eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess. (Quran 7:31)

Perhaps the first problem is how much we’re eating, Allah did not design our body to consume the amounts of food we are consuming right now. Biologically we only need to eat meat once a week, your body does not need more than once a week but we eat mean almost everyday of the week. The result of the over consumption we get all kind of illnesses.

Yahya related to me from Malik from Yahya ibn Said that Umar ibn al- Khattab said, “Beware of meat. It has addictiveness like the addictiveness of wine.”

The maximum we should consume The prophet advised us is to fill our stomach with 1/3 of food, 1/3 of drink, and 1/3 of air.

Overeating causes laziness, lack of concentration, digestion issues, fat gain, and many more negative repercussions.

We should eat to live instead we live to eat.


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