Meet 17 Year-Old Zahra Kiani World Taolu Champion 👊🏼

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The “hijabi self-desense” instructor

As anti-Muslim harassment spikes after Trump’s election, a Muslim woman is teaching women like her how to subdue aggressors trying to grab their headscarf (hijab). Her self-defense videos have now gone viral. Learn her moves in this video!

Giving the homeless a reason to smile 😁

This dentist from Amsterdam treats homeless people for free in his spare time combining hygiene and charity showing what Islam is all about… giving them a reason to 😀

“Every good deed is charity, even smiling at your brother.” – Prophet Muhammad

Islamic influence on Martial Arts 🥋


One of them is the Muslim Grandmaster Ma Xianda. Ma Xianda was born in 1932 in Hebei province, China. He belongs to the sixth generation of a prominent Hui family of martial artists and to a handful masters that has reached the highest level in Chinese martial arts

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Habibti do you even lift bro?

Prophet Muhammad advised his followers, to work, to be energetic, and to start their day early, all of which are conditions for a healthy body. He said “O God, make the early morning hours blessed for my nation.” [Imam Ahmad] Obesity or an inadequate diet, laziness and weakness are all afflictions for which we will be called to account.

Real women lift HEAVY weights 👊